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Tri-Wheel Apple App for amusement play and wagering strategy development. by Gaming Studio, Inc.

Dakota Tri-Wheel™ is the amusement edition of the Tri-Wheel® line.  It operates quite similar to the Parlor Edition; however, you have the ability to spin on demand and you have a greater range of wagers.  It is great for social betting.  You can set up the bank for tournament play to see who will last longest on a 100 unit credit. Many unique settings from bank to speed.  We are selling it for 99¢ and it is available for IPad 2 and 3.

Dakota Tri-Wheel™ Now Available - Full Featured IPAD App for 99¢ - Click the icon to the left to go to the App Store.

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Tri-Wheel Apple App Screen designed by Joe Richardson, Gaming Studio, Inc.

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